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UNICEF photo credits and captions


Image: UN0200262

Credit: © UNICEF/UN0200262/Knowles

Country: Kiribati

On 8 February 2018, baby Tate has just received her six month injections in Tabiteuea Village, North Tarawa, Kiribati.


Image: UNI45693

Credit: © UNICEF/UNI45693/Estey

Country: Indonesia

A health worker fills a syringe with measles vaccine, at the Kopeta ‘Puskesmas’ (community health centre) in the north-eastern port town of Maumere in Sikka District, on Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara Province.


Image: UN0318342

Credit: © UNICEF/UN0318342/Ramasomanana

Country: Madagascar

The UNICEF-supported Health Centre of Brickaville is now using solar powered fridges to strengthen the cold chain and vaccine storage.


Image: UN0202195

Credit: © UNICEF/UN0202195/Sokhin

Country: Kiribati

Teaota, 24, holding his 5-month-old daughter Tiererin,  at the entrance of Temwaiku Clinic in South Tarawa, Kiribati. Teaota came to the clinic with his wife Teresa and their twin daughters Tiererin and Mererin to vaccinate them.


Image: UN0203808

Credit: © UNICEF/UN0203808

Country: Kiribati

Taratiteiti Kirition holding her 1-year-old daughter Pepeeti inside Temwaiku clinic, while a nurse, Naama Beteru, 28, gives her an immunisation shot. She brought her daughter so she would receive measles and rubella vaccines. South Tarawa, Kiribati.