26-28 March 2021

The 30th Canberra Walking Festival becomes the Inaugural Rotary Aussie Peace Walk.

Join us in Canberra Australia on the last weekend in March 2021 in a community walk for peace.

Our primary aim is to encourage understanding and peaceful resolutions to life’s challenges. We also want to prevent the deaths of hundreds of children in our neighbouring Pacific Islands.

Peace begins at home. Before there can be peace in the world you must first have peace in your heart.

The Aussie Peace Walk is not a race; it is a walk.

We want everyone to go on a journey together. People of all ages, and nationalities and interests. We want you to meet each other; to talk and seek to understand. It is only through taking the time to understand our fellow man, that we can reach peaceful resolutions.

Walking is not a burdensome activity for most people and so we encourage you to walk on two consecutive days.

We want to challenge yourself, to have fun, to meet interesting people and to go home with a satisfied smile on your face, a medal around your neck and a wonderful sense of ‘being’.

Participants will be encouraged to raise money for Give Every Child A Future.



Aussie Peace Walk