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Rotary 100 Years

Our Centenary

In 2021, Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific will be 100 years old following the establishment of Rotary Clubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington in 1921. The Rotary Give Every Child A Future project will celebrate 100 years of service and in collaboration with UNICEF, we plan to vaccinate the most disadvantaged children and adolescent girls across the Pacific.

While there are many centenary project, Rotary Give Every Child A Future is the one project that involved all of Australasia and demonstrate that Rotary remains strong in today’s world. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

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Cervical cancer
a scourge in the Pacific

Cervical cancer incidence and death rates are far higher than in Australia & New Zealand, screening is rare and treatment is often unavailable.

child mortality

In parts of the Pacific, nearly 1 in 18 children die from vaccine preventable diseases before their 5th birthday compared to 1 in 250 in Australia.

Three new vaccines
over three years

Rotavirus to prevent rotavirus diarrhoea, pneumococcal to prevent pneumococcal disease, HPV to prevent forms of cervical cancer.

A message of support

The Riseley’s Message for Rotary Give Every Child A Future.

Ian and Juliet Riseley, Past President of Rotary International (2018 – 2019).


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Make vaccines and child health a topic of conversation.


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Most people don’t know how many children die from vaccine-preventable diseases. You can help. Spread the word.


Every $45 donation will protect one child. Every donation helps us fight rotavirus, pneumococcal disease & cervical cancer. Thank you. You’re awesome!



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